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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trapped in the snow

It is still very snowy and icy here in Portland. Usually when it snows here we are lucky if it stays around for a few days. So far we've had snow for a full week. Last night we also got ice, lucky us. Yesterday we braved the weather, put chains on the car and drove over to a friends house to do some sledding. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me so I don't have any pictures to share. We put Elliott in the bjorn, wrapped him securely in a blanket and zipped him inside of Dan's jacket. There was about 1 inch of him showing :) Dan and Elliott did one trip down the hill, I did two. It was a lot of fun, but very windy which made it very, very cold!

We weighed him on the Wii yesterday, according to that he's up to 11.8 lbs. He now has fat rolls where I didn't imagine you could get them.

Here is Dan checking the chains on the car yesterday:

This is the view out our front door looking across the street (taken today):

Dan let me sleep in today and decided to dress Elliott. Yes, those pants are size 6mo - 12mo. Apparently Dan doesn't know how to read the labels:

I felt bad for him in those giant pants and changed him. Now he's a monkey:

Here is Dan and Elliott haning out watching "Scarface":

According to the poll people wanted to see more pictures, so I'm trying to post more for everyone to see. - Wendy

Little Elliott hangs out with Big Elliott


l_c_porter said...

Nice pants, dude.

Dan and Wendy said...

OK, I knew the pants were large. I have dressed E plenty of times. I thought they would keep him warm. My son doesn't have to make a fashion statement 24/7 :)

Chris said...

Yay! Love all the photos. Thanks, Wendy. Dan, Dan, Dan....what were you thinking? If you're trying to keep the boy warm how about something on his arms in a size 2T?

p.s. That photo IS a fashion statement--inspired by his father's Juno costume.

Victoria said...

Was busy these last couple of days so missed your most recent posts (why don't followers get emails when posts are made? google, are you listening?)

I love all the photos... especially the "fashion" statement pants. Am not sure those pants could ever be considered fashionable... even when they fit properly. ;-)