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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What we've been doing...

What to know what Elliott has been up to recently? Well, I decided that I'd try potty training him. I've read online that the "ideal" age for potty training is 22-24 months. So, we bought a potty, some candy as a prize and some stickers. Elliott could have either 2 Reese's Pieces or 1 sticker for going pee. It's amazing how that is a big incentive to a nearly 2 year old. He gets both if he goes poo -which has only happened 1 time so far. But, we are pretty good with going pee. He's comfortable with the sitting on the big potty (adult size) and he does pretty well. We are still working on warning me before he needs to go. Seeing him walking around in little undies is so cute!

Elliott got rain boots that he finally decided to like:

He has some boxer briefs for kids - it's hysterical! I have some pictures of that, but they were taken with my cell phone and the camera isn't very good.

Overall, I'm happy we are making forward progress :) But, what happened to my little baby? :(