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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 Years Old!

Elliott turned 2 one week ago. We had a birthday party for him at our house on the 30th of October. We decided on a Halloween theme and all the kids wore costumes to the party. Dan created "Spooky Caves" in our basement with old refrigerator boxes and christmas lights. The kids loved the caves! They would all hang out back in the area Dan created to play in (our bedroom) and somehow the kids were able to access our closet through the boxes. My sister took pictures for us, which is the reason for the late post. Elliott got a ton of great presents and had a really good time. We are so glad we had all of our family and a few friends join us to celebrate with us.

Cousin Pic:

The next few are what it looks like to open presents with all these kids around. Elliott would open one present and forget about the rest. Thankfully he had many helpful cousins around to help open all the others.

Riding his favorite toy accessorized by his new favorite hat:

Can you believe he's already two? Remember when he came home from the hospital?