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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Christmas!

I know, I'm really late updating this blog. We had a busy month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, for some reason I didn't take too many pictures to commemorate all the festivities. We had a lot of fun celebrating both holidays with our families in town.

We took a quick trip to Seattle for one night so that Dan and I could attend his work Holiday party. The Space Needle had a really cool Christmas tree on display in front:

Here is Elliott on Christmas Eve after opening his Holiday Popper, he liked the crowns, alot!:

On Christmas Morning he woke up to a new basketball hoop!!! He's very excited about it. Since the weather has been rainy and cold we still have it inside.

Christmas night at the Godley's, new Lego's!!

My pregnancy is going well. I had a cold for a while that was sort of a battle, but I think I'm finally over it! No real morning sickness or nausea to report. I'm just tired, but that could be because I always stay up too late reading and am woken at least once during the night by Elliott or to use the restroom. I definitely do have heartburn again. Thank goodness for Tums!

On December 30th we welcomed a new niece to our family, Pagie! Sarah and Paige are both doing really well. She is a tiny peanut and very snuggly. Elliott is barely interested in her. He touched her very nicely when we visited in the hospital and otherwise he stays away from her. However, he does talk about her ALL the time. He is very concerned with her feet - she needs shoes. He also says that he named her, smart kid chose the name Paige too. He told Dan and I,
"Don't poke Paige, poke Lauren". We talked a lot about not being mean and poking her, not sure why he chose Lauren to poke instead.

I'll try to be a bit better about posting on here. Maybe just a few short updates a week (or, one a week) will keep me going with it.