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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Elliott Visits Seattle

On Monday Dan, Elliott and I drove up to Seattle so that Dan and I could attend the holiday dinner for his job. This was scheduled a few weeks ago but because of the snow they postponed it so we could attend. This also gave Dan an opportunity to do some work in Seattle - he usually only meets with his co-workers 2 times a year. Auntie Lauren helped us out and babysat Elliott while we went out to dinner.

Saying "Bye" to Auntie Lauren:

Elliott has been smiling a ton recently, unfortunately I haven't really been able to get any of those smiles on film. Thankfully yesterday morning he was giggling and smiling like crazy. I grabbed my camera and got these two:

While Dan worked on Tuesday installing a new server Elliott and I took a drive over to West Seattle and did a short walk along the beach and watched the ferries in the sound. Here's Elliott with Elliot Bay in the background:

Chillin' with Dad:

This is what we call, "Milk Drunk" when Elliott has just had a bottle and looks totally drunk :) This usually only lasts a few moments and then he is back to being wide awake.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!!


1 comment:

Victoria said...

Am procrastinating here... should be either napping (to rest up for tonight) or organizing packing for Costa Rica. Instead, am online and thought to check your blog for new photos. Those of Elliott laughing are priceless and I also like the milk drunk photo. (the one of the bay with the BIG boat and the birds is pretty) Haven't seen Dan with hair this long before... too busy being a new Dad to get a haircut or a new look?