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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Elliott laying in his crib

Elliott still sleeps in his Moses basket at night, but we sometimes let him spend a few minutes hanging out in his crib. He really seems to like it.

Last night we had our first date post-baby. My parents somehow found a few hours in their schedule to watch Elliott. He apparently did really well. Our friends said we did a good job not talking about our baby the whole night.

Today I took Elliott for a walk while Wendy was shopping with her mom, and we ended up going to Golden Touch (a local diner) for lunch and coffee. I got really good service, and he was popular with the ladies.

Here is Elliott wearing an outfit my mom just bought:


Update: I just changed the theme of the blog to match the fish, stars and moon from Elliott's room (as seen in the video above). You can tell I'm not much of a graphic designer.


Victoria said...

Not so sure about you not being much of a graphic designer... background looks a lot like what is in his room. As you already know, I love the photo of Elliott that you are now using as his profile. (Meanwhile, I posted photo hints on my cookie baking efforts if you want to see some of my tricks. :-) )

The Howe Family said...

I love those little baby noises he is making in the video!

Chris said...

Happy 6 weeks Elliott! G'ma has watched your video 3 times and now she has to get busy and get something done!