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Friday, April 30, 2010

New Doors!

We live in an old house. I think it was built in 1923 and there are a lot of upgrades that we could do, if we chose to. This past year Dan has replaced the stairway with nice new Douglas Fir treds and new white risers. We still have a bit of work to do to finish that project, it's probably 90% completed. But, we decided to install 2 new exterior doors with money from our tax return. When we moved in we knew both doors needed to be replaced at some point, it was just a matter of saving the money and then choosing the doors. With the arrival of Elliott we fell a bit behind in repairs, just too busy with a new baby. Yesterday the new doors were installed for us and they are AMAZING! It is weird to be so excited about doors? I don't think so, not if you understood just how bad the old doors were.

The door out to our garden had a hole cut in it for a dog door. We just put some plywood on the outside and left it that way. The door was really old, the glass was single pane. Around the lock mechanism you could actually see outside. Basically there was a lot of air leakage. Here is the old door from the inside and then a picture from the outside:

Now here is the new door:

Here is the door from our basement hallway out to our back patio. Before it was a terrible slab door with a dinky hole cut into it:

Now it is so pretty!

The installers said that this basement door was one of the most challenging they had every done. Made me very thankful that we decided to have them install for us, rather than Dan learning how to do it on his own.

Can't wait to see what a difference not having those two leaky doors will make in our heating bill next winter.


Anna said...

Where did you find the new doors and installers? We kind of need to do this, too!

Dan said...

Anna - we actually went to Lowe's. We had a catalog for Simpson brand doors and the rep. at Lowe's was able to find them for us even though those doors weren't in their catalog. Not sure how it is in NC, but they were great here.


christine said...

Nice before and after shots! Glad you thought to take those. Enjoy all that light. Sometimes the "little" things are such a big thing.