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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Picture Extravaganza!

Sorry for the lack of updating! I have no excuses, I'm just too lazy to hop on the computer at night to update the blog. We've been spending some time outside - when it's not raining. Dan and I had a great adventure which ended with us having a car towed out of our backyard... It is finally spring here and while it is still raining a lot, there have been quite a few great sunny days. A few weeks ago Elliott and I went on a big bike ride with both of my sisters and their kids. Amy and I towed 2 kids each while Sarah, Josh and Brooke all rode by themselves. It was really fun, though I did have a hard time riding up hill pulling at least 60lbs. of kid behind me. I had intended to take pictures of this fun trip, but was working too hard to remember the camera.

This past week was very busy for us. I think we had something happening every day, which is unusual for life around here. On Saturday we went to Wilsonville (we spend a lot of time there) and had Easter with my family at Amy's house. The kids played and did a little egg hunt inside.

Most of the cousins:

Brooke has a bruised eye because she ran into a door knob earlier in the week


Cameron hunting for eggs:

Elliott showing off his loot:

Elliott totally understood hunting for eggs, though most of them needed to be fairly obvious. I have a video I'll post below of him doing a small hunt at the Porter's house on Sunday. The most thrilling part of the day was also very scary! Elliott fell all the way down Amy's stairway. We are so thankful that Ryan was so quick on his feet and was able to, somehow, get to Elliott in time to catch his head before it hit the hardwood floor. E seemed to be fine, amazingly. He was very scared but didn't have even a bruise. In all, I think we are very happy and thankful as it could have been so much worse. We also learned that Elliott is into "group comfort". He had to be comforted by me first, then Dan, then Grandma, then Amy... then Amy gave him chocolate milk and he was fine.

On Sunday we had Easter with Dan's family. (I guess it's helpful that my sisters are nurses and always seem to have to work so that we move holidays around.) It was a pretty low key celebration compared to the day before. Elliott played with his Easter loot - including a new broom! Then went down for a nap while the rest of us ate dinner without him. I sometimes forget how nice it is to eat without him there. After his nap he discovered the broom again and went to work cleaning house.

Egg hunt:

We had a great weekend and had fun celebrating with all of our family.

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Victoria said...

Oh my... he is growing up SO FAST! I've been laid low by something going on with my back so have been afraid to plan a trip out there... am hoping to see my doctor today or tomorrow to see what we can do about it!

Thanks for the post... I miss seeing you guys!