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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My sister, Amy, is moving. To help them out I volunteered to watch her 2.5 year old, Cameron, for most of the day. Cameron is a bit of a wild man, though he does have some very sweet moments mixed in with the tornado he creates. He was actually really good today, I was happily surprised. Elliott took a major liking to Cameron today. Basically anything Cameron did, Elliott would do too.

I stashed them both in Elliott crib as I went upstairs to get my camera because they were being so funny. This is what I came back to:

Here's a video to show the full extent of the fun in the crib. (Sorry for the shaky camera):

"Cameron, I'll help you play the piano"

"I like this book too!"

"oh yeah, my laptop is really fun"

"let's go swimming, we can match..."


The Van Wyks said...

lol sawyer watched the video with me and got very excited- I guess he thinks Cameron is pretty cool too!

Victoria said...

Couldn't watch the video last night (Mike was already in bed when I was looking at the blog) for fear of disturbing my other half... am glad I came back to see it this morning. They are adorable together... and Elliott is turning into quite the little man already!