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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Try

We've tried again with swimming and this time it was much more successful! Probably had something to do with it being 90+ outside and the water in the baby pool had been warming up for 2 days! :) The pool is set up in our backyard and is on a bit of a slope. So, the water was deeper down by the frog head and nothing up where I'm sitting. Elliott was very brave and crawled all around and splashed. I think he thought he could put his face in at one point...or...maybe he was just trying to take a drink??

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer!


Larry said...

enjoying lil E a lot. and his castle!

The Howe Family said...

Too cute! Kaylee really likes water right now too - her fearlessness around water is scary! If E was putting his face in, I guess he is not afraid either!

Victoria said...

It's pouring down rain here (we NEED it) and I'm staying up late to catch up with Elliott (and you guys)... cannot believe it's been over a month since I checked in... but then I was away for three weeks and sick for a few days after I got back.

Love the photos of Elliott in his pool (and in the frog chair)! He's getting so big!!!