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Sunday, July 5, 2009

8 Months & July 4th

Happy 8 Months to Elliott & 4th of July to all!!

On Friday we met my sister Amy, my mom and Amy's 3 boys down at Jamison Square to play in the fountain. Portland has had some seriously HOT weather (90's in early July?!). All of the city fountains are filled with kids - and adults - when the weather is so hot. This fountain is great for kids because it is shallow and you can enter it like a wading pool. Elliott wasn't too sure about the water. He was okay when no one was near him and he wasn't being splashed. That lasted all of 3 seconds as it was super crowded and kids were running everywhere.

He was happier to sit in the shade with Grandma and Caleb:

Dan was quite popular with the kids:

July 4th Family Picture:

For the 4th Dan and I went to a BBQ at a friends' floating home on the Columbia Slough. We then boated to downtown Portland and watched the big firework show from his boat. It was truly amazing to see them from that vantage point. My parents volunteered to watch Elliott for us so we could boat without a baby. They took him to Amy's house where the rest of my family had gathered to watch some illegal fireworks bought by Jake. (In Oregon I believe it's illegal to have any that shoot from the ground....they are all lame! Everyone drives up to Vancouver, WA to get the good stuff). The report was that Elliott did great. He loved being with all his cousins and watching the fireworks.

Here is Dan pointing out a rail road bridge from Brad's boat. Then one of Dan and I before we left Brad's house:

Dan's parents came over today to steal Elliott for the afternoon so we can bark dust our yard. Lucky us... Here is a picture of Elliott is his 4th of July present from them:

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The Van Wyks said...

his little chair is so cute! what a doll! Caleb is a handsome boy too- he looks like amy a lot to me!