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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Rainy Day

It's wet in Portland today....really wet! But, Dan and I decided to brave the rain to take Elliott to the zoo. I think we were half crazy. Not surprisingly, the zoo in Portland was nearly deserted. In way though it was nice. We were the only people viewing the Polar Bears, the Elephants and the Monkeys. Unfortunately, the Lions weren't out for display. That was really the whole reason we went to the zoo :(. Still, it seemed that Elliott had a good time. He is much more aware of the animals and did get excited when they would walk around or swim. One of his favorites was the Owl, he's big into Owls right now. He tries to say "owl" but that's a pretty tough word for him. I'm not sure I can even describe what he says, but he's trying. Elliott also likes turtles. There is a picture of a turtle above his changing table and we talk about it daily. In the NW exhibit they have a bunch of turtles they are trying to save...they are teeny tiny!

This is a terrible picture of Dan and Elliott - I can't ever get good shots with my phone.

Baby Turtles (I like how they are stacked):

Hopefully everyone else had less wet weekends :)


The Howe Family said...

Have to say, my most favorite zoo trips have been in the rain. : )

Chris said...

"Tur tulls"
big day!

Victoria said...

Love catching up with the adventures of Elliott on the blog! Cute video and the story of the first haircut is pretty funny... am posting all comments in one big one!

We saw Avatar 3D last weekend with friends and of course, Mike picked apart the story (a rip off from what we did to the American Indians) and had a few criticisms of the science... I'm much easier to please and loved the spectacle of it all! And the 3D is awesome!!!