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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Hair Cut!!

You heard that right, we gave Elliott his first haircut this past weekend. In reality we probably had about 30 individual hairs trimmed from around his ears and on the left side of the back of his head. Poor kid, his hair is really very fine and not too much has come in yet. But, it was looking a bit scraggly. Our niece, Brooke, asked if he was going to be scared. Nope, didn't even notice what was going on.

In other news, Elliott just went down 1/2 of our stairs completely unassisted! That's big in his book. He is usually very hesitant when trying out something new. Once he's done it a few times then he becomes very brave.

Dan and I went on a semi-date last night. We saw Avatar 3D. The visual effects were pretty amazing! There was a babysitting party here while we were gone. Apparently it was very exciting and E did all of his good tricks for the g-parents and great g-ma Jane. Well, the weather is really nice out today - for Portland in January - so maybe I'll take the crabby boy out for some air.

1 comment:

The Howe Family said...

Fresh air always helps at our house too. : )

K is the same way...not much hair to speak of. : )