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Monday, November 2, 2009

Yoda & Cupcakes

I'm feeling much better today. Not sure what happened last night. Woke up feeling like I could eat again. On Saturday we made the rounds of families houses and parties for Halloween. Dan dressed up as Spock, Elliott was Yoda and I was a black cat. Of course, no pictures of me (at least on my camera) but here are Dan and Elliott.

Finally able to crawl up all the stairs at Sarah's house:

All the cousins. So, not everyone is smiling, but I think you can see all the faces.

On Sunday we had Elliott's first birthday party. We decided to just have family over, which is a total of 20 people -including 6 kids! Needless to say once everyone was there it was crazy, but fun. Elliott had a great time, hopefully everyone else did as well.

Excited over new toys!

Yum...Birthday Cupcake!

In other news...Elliott is still trying to be more brave with walking. On Halloween we were at a party with him where there was a little dog. E was walking all over the place to get this dog. I think he finally realized he can do it. Since then he's been much more brave. He wasn't too sure about that cupcake. He was pretty clean with eating it :)

Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween!


The Howe Family said...

So fun!

On another note : )...Wendy, I want to see your hair...looks like a cute cut...I need one badly!

christine said...

Happy Birthday, Happy boy!

Victoria said...

I LOVE the photo of Elliott that is first of four posted from his birthday party... he looks SO happy and is so adorable!!! (and a belated Happy Birthday from his doting Aunt Victoria)