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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Signs

Dan and I have tried for a while now to sign to Elliott with hopes that he will learn how to sign back at us. We've been using the following sings: Milk, more, all done, eat & dad (well, Dan does that one, not me). In the past few days Elliott has begun to sign back Milk. I'm not sure he quite associates the two since he'll do the sign and when I try to feed him he instantly rejects the bottle. But, at least we know he's learning something.

I have been working from home for over a week now and so far it's been great. I think it is a bit of an adjustment for Dan to have both of us home all the time. I probably need to get better with bothering Dan for stupid things. Door closed means do not disturb!

He's crawling all over the place, using mostly an army crawl. If playing cards, plastic bags or paper is on the floor he will literally race across the room to get to them. Of course, those are the items we want him to stay away from. Here are some cute recent photos of Elliott.

Standing in his crib:

Playing his piano after bath time. He especially likes it to be set up in front of the mirrored closet doors in his room. (I hate those doors, but he likes them...) He has also just gotten into sticking his tongue out at people. So, we are combining two favorite activities in one here.

Playing in the morning:

I got you!


Larry said...

thanks, Wendy. these are great!

The Van Wyks said...

aww! we have been trying to sign with sawyer too! elliot is so cute- he looks a lot like dan in these pictures!

Victoria said...

Am working on removing clutter and organizing things... came across a photo of Dan as an infant the other day... must scan and send to you... resemblance is amazing... love these photos ... keep them coming!