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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Rainy Walk

Not much to report around these parts. It was a pretty average week around our house and unfortunately very few pictures were taken. I guess that's what happens when we are both working again. Elliott has gotten to be a champion roller. If you put him on the ground on his back he will immediately roll to his left side and eventually (sometimes it's faster than others) he'll land on his tummy. Then he's not quite sure what to do with himself. He also wants to be sitting up, not lounging out anymore. The bad thing about that is - I think - it puts more pressure on his tummy so he's puking more... oh well, that's life.

We had our first slumber party this past weekend. Our niece, Brooke, came over on Saturday morning and we kept her until Sunday afternoon. The rest of her family was very sick with the flu and she was bouncing off the walls being stuck at home. We took her to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and to a friends house where she got to fish in their boat well. We got a taste of what it's like to have more than one kid. How do you keep your house clean with 2+ kids?? No pictures to show of all that fun, unfortunately, we were too busy!

Today I braved the weird Oregon weather and took Elliott out for a walk. Since it had been raining on and off all morning I brought out the big kid seat for his stroller. The big seat has a plastic rain attachment. Good thing too, about half way through the way the skies opened up on us and we got drenched. Actually, I got drenched, Elliott was happily sleeping under his plastic shield. At that point I decided to turn around and head home...walking in dripping rain is one thing, a downpour is a whole different story.

Here's E as we were getting him fitted for the big seat:

Elliott under his rain shield before it really started to rain:

Maybe next time I'll just stay in :)



The Howe Family said...

Sounds like lots of adventures! :)
The weather here in TN is so weird too (aka icky). So I was all happy that we'd arrived in spring...kids outside...no hats...the next day...sleet. What the heck?!?
BTW - how do you keep your house clean...ummm, you pretty much don't a lot of the time! The living areas get straightened and the bedrooms are dumps! :)

The Van Wyks said...

aww sounds like you guys had fun with two kiddos! and babies have it made dont they- we push/carry them around and end up cold/ wet/ with a sore arm from a carrier and they are happy as can be..love the pictures