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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Old Friends

During my senior year of college I lived with two other girls, Jen and Brenda. After college I moved back home to Portland and lost touch with both of them. Luckily in the last few years I've been able to reconnect with them and am loving hearing about their lives. Jen is now living in Nashville, TN with her 3 adorable kids and wonderful husband, Jon. Brenda just moved back to the West Coast with her husband Matt and 2 daughters.

The funny thing is that when I was about 5 months pregnant I found out that Jen was also expecting with her 3rd and was due only a few weeks before me. Then I found out that Brenda was expecting her 2nd baby only a few days before me!! Jen had Kaylee on Oct. 20th, I had Elliott on Nov. 3rd and Brenda had Addie on Nov. 7th. So fun that we were all expecting within a few weeks of each other!

Well, Brenda and Matt decided to take a road trip up to Seattle to visit friends and we were lucky enough to have brunch with them yesterday morning. It was so great to see Brenda and Matt again. Their 2 daughters are so cute! Here is Brenda and I with Addie and Elliott. I guess there was something more exciting to look at for the kids:

Jen - I'm sorry you couldn't be there to join in on the fun :(


The Howe Family said...

Awww - you guys are too cute! Liking the platinum, Bren! :) Glad you guys had a chance to spend time together - wish I was there! <3

Victoria said...

Been a little behind in my blog following ... cute photo and nice story to go with it!