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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Three Months!!

Happy Three Months little E!!

Elliott is 3 months old today and is celebrating with a terrible cough and snotty nose...poor guy. We weighed him over the weekend and he's already up to 15 lbs! He is starting to try and sit, though not on his own yet. Elliott doesn't like to always lean back and will work really hard to get himself in a sitting position. Here are a few pictures to commemorate the day:

This is what he looked like when I got home from work today:

Maybe feeling a little better after a nap:

This one is sort of a cheat, it's after going to a superbowl party...but he looked cute:

I guess when you start at daycare, your mom rides public transport and you hang out with sick cousins you're bound to get it too.



Chris said...

Happy 3 months little guy! Hope you feel better soon. Love the picture of you and your mama. She does make you smile! Love G'ma

Victoria said...

Oh my, he is growing up so fast! Can't wait until April when I get to meet him. :-)

The Howe Family said...

Thanks for all the picutres! Happy bday little guy. :)