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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Blazers

For Christmas I got Dan tickets to a Blazer game...a game in February! But, it was well worth the wait, we had great seats. Unfortunatly, I thought we had purchased tickets for behind the Blazer bench. I was wrong :( We were 3 rows behind the visitor bench, the LA Clippers. Not nearly as exciting. Maybe next time...

We had a ton of fun at hte game. It was really exciting being so close to the action. The Blazers blew out the Clippers! Here is a view from our seats:

Here's All-Star Brandon Roy getting ready for a foul shot:

Grandma and Grandpa Porter volunteered to watch Elliott while we were at the game. I'm sure it was a big imposition :) If we'd been up in the 300 section Dan and I would probably have brought him. But, because our seats were so great we decided to go it alone. However, we had to be sure Elliott was also in the Blazer spirit. (Dan was not nearly as excited as I was. I mean, Michael Jordan didn't play for the Blazers...I think Dan thought I was making E into a little traitor.):