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Friday, November 21, 2008

Nap time

Elliott likes to nap in his Moses basket.

We also found out that he got accepted to the day care we were hoping to get him in. I think they realized his future genius. It is about a one minute walk from our house, so I might be able to visit him during the day. He still has quite a bit more time at home with us before he gets to go.



The Howe Family said...

Well, of course he is brilliant! :)
Love his list of favorites!!

l_c_porter said...

So sweet! I cannot wait to see him and squeeze him some more. Congrats on the acceptance . . . may this be the first of many academic successes we celebrate! Ha!

Victoria said...

I'm really glad you two are posting this so I can follow along with your life with Elliott from a distance... am sure it is nowhere near as nice as being there in person.