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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Is it okay to brag for a minute? Just now Elliott and Dan were walking out the front door. Elliott looks down at our welcome mat and says, "E". I looked at Dan and said, "did he just say E??" Then he says, "Two E". We asked him to point the E's out for us and he did! I don't even know where he learned that!!

I have lots of pictures to post on here. It's been a busy last week and we haven't had a ton of extra time to try to blog. Check back in a bit and hopefully there will be more pics to look at.


Victoria said...

I like the new blog format... at least... new since my last visit... raising an "Einstein are you? I always enjoy checking in with "E" and the blog!

Wendy said...

Victoria - Dan just revamped it so that we could post the video on the last post.

We were shocked. Though now he points to the "m"...so... Hey, he's not even 2, not bad.