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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He's Famous!

Nope, not Elliott....

My brother in law, Jacob, work for the Portland Fire Dept. At the Starlight Parade Portland Fire is what starts the whole parade. They have a bunch of guys that do a ladder stunt. Someone climbs this ladder and then falls off onto a trampoline held by the rest of the fire crew. Let me tell you, these guys were like rock stars! I couldn't believe how popular they were. Dan's best friend, Brad, has been a fire fighter for years and does this every year. We were in touch with both Jacob and Brad so they knew where to look for us. It was really exciting for Brooke, Grace and Elliott to see people they knew in the parade.

But, the most exciting is that Jacob made it onto youtube! Here's a link to watch him do the ladder stunt:

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