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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Already!?

We've had a busy week around here. Dan took last Wednesday through Friday off from work to hang out with us and generally get things done. It was great, though we were busy every night. We had a great thanksgiving splitting it between the two families in Portland by celebrating on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, our Mac crashed today so I have very few pictures from the past couple of weeks that I can access right now. Here are a few from Thanksgiving at my parents house:

Cousin pictures never work out well :( Maybe in a few years....

Cameron had his 3rd Birthday party this past weekend. He seemed to have a great time, even though he didn't quite understand how to play any of the games. This was the best of him from the party:

Here is some cousin love:

We also just splurged and purchased Elliott a new highchair. Basically I'm lazy and also crazy about keeping his highchair clean. I took the old one apart every day (3 times a day) to clean it. So, we've upgraded to something that will be much easier to clean as well as will last a lot longer. Here's Elliott having his first meal in the new chair. Umm...maybe spaghetti wasn't the best plan (see floor below his feet):

Off to the bath we went! Also, just in case you were thinking that poor Elliott has no hair, check this out:

In other news....Elliott is walking almost exclusively now. He loves to climb stairs. He also has become VERY demanding. I like to blame Sarah and her girls saying he got it from our Maui trip - from them, of course! But, in reality I think it has more to do with turning 1 than anything. All day I constantly hear yelling in his incoherent babble. Usually meaning, "hey, read me that pop up book for the 15th time today!" or "let me play with your iphone, it's way more fun than my toys". At least that's my interpretation. Dan's grandma put it best the other night when she said, "Elliott has his bossy pants on tonight!" Yes, he does...all the time! I still like him though :).

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Victoria said...

Bummer about the computer crash... reminds me that I haven't backed up in awhile! MUST DO THAT TODAY!

Meanwhile, thanks for the post... have been checking in a bit more regularly lately (chore avoidance means going online more!!!) and was waiting for another post of the fabulous Mr. E... like the cousins too!!!