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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patches

A little bird told me I needed to blog - so here I am :) Dan is a computer hog, that's the bottom line. He is on our main computer all the time. I have to sneak in just to use it. Okay - maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not far off.

On Monday I went to a Farm with my sister Sarah and her family. We wanted to take pictures of the girls with Elliott and also they wanted some family pictures. There was a little tractor ride out to the field with the pumpkins. Elliott had a great time with the girls - as always. No one can get him to smile like Brooke and Grace can.

On Thursday my mom and both my sisters (plus kids) went to another farm west of Portland on Sauvie Island. I love it out there because it feels totally rural but you are only 15 minutes from the city. We tried really hard to get all 6 of the cousins to cooperate for a picture. You'll see the results below.

Sarah said that Elliott and Caleb were like little gerbils. All they wanted to do was crawl through the hay to the tunnel at the bottom of the pyramid. I wasn't going to go in and get them so they were stopped, many times.

Caleb is always happier when his mom is holding him:

Still no walking for Elliott. He will stand forever but won't move those feet an inch. Sometimes he will no say "Hi Da" at look at Dan. "Dada" is still his favorite word by far. We are gearing up for Halloween and Elliott's first birthday. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since he was born. I remember last Halloween when I was massively pregnant. I was up until 3am at a party. The next day I started to get contractions. What a difference a year makes!

Dan will love this one being posted for all to see.... he he!

(there were girls at that party asking me if I was really pregnant...umm....do you see that belly!)


christine said...

Cute punkins.......all 6 of em. An yah, what a difference a year makes! Thanks for the post, Wendy. I'll have show and tell tonight for dinner.

Victoria said...

Caught up with all your posts... it is such fun to follow Elliott's adventures ... LOVE the photo of him laughing uproariously in the pumpkin patch with his two cute cousins! (and I cannot believe how big he's getting! or that one year since he was born is almost upon us!)